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SAP BASIS  System Administration
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SAP BASIS (System Administration)


5-6 Weekends *

Mode of Training

Class room

SAP (FICO) Version

ECC 6.0

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System Access can also be arranged on request: 24/7, 6 Months
Content and Learning


Course Overview
  • Course Goals
  • Course Objectives
SAP Solutions
  • MySAP Business Suite and mySAP ERP
  • Definition of SAP Netweaver
  • Navigation in General
  • Advanced Navigation in the SAP GUI
The System Kernel
  • Principal Architecture of the SAP Web Application Server
  • Dialog Processing in the SAP System
  • Communication with the Database
  • Appendix - The SAP Transaction
  • Appendix - Lock Management in SAP Systems
  • Appendix - Update Processing
Software Development in SAP Systems
  • Data Structure of an SAP System and Transports between SAP Systems (ABAP Stack)
  • Remote Function Calls
Tools for SAP System Administration
  • Daily Tasks in System Management
  • SAP Service Marketplace
  • SAP Developer Network
  • SAP NetWeaver An Overview
  • From SAP R/ to mySAP ERP and the Enterprise Services Architecture
  • What Is an SAP System?
  • Process of a System Logon
  • Configuring SAP Logon
  • Analysis Transactions
Starting and Stopping the SAP System
  • System Start Process
  • System Start Logs
  • System Shutdown How and Why?
  • Appendix Starting and Stopping Under Other Operating Systems
  • Appendix - Database Logs
Introduction to System Configuration
  • How to Set System Parameters
  • Setting up Operation Modes
Fundamentals of Working with the Database
  • Architecture of Database Systems
  • Backing Up the Database Contents
  • Overview Monitoring the Database
Basics of User Administration
  • User Administration Concept
  • Authorization Concept
  • Login Parameters and User Info
  • Appendix Advanced User Administration Topics
Setting Up Remote Connections
  • Fundamentals and Types of RFC
  • Setting Up RFC Connections
Working with the Transport System
  • Data Structure of SAP Systems and System Landscapes
  • Performing and Checking Transports
Support Packages, Plug-Ins, and Add-Ons
  • Term Definition Support Packages
  • Importing Support Packages
  • Updating the Tools
  • Importing SAP Notes
Scheduling Background Tasks
  • Fundamentals of Background Processing
  • Time-Based Scheduling of Jobs
  • Event-Based Scheduling of Jobs
  • Background Processing Other Topics
  • Job Scheduling Extending the Standard


MySAP ERP Solution Architecture
  • Introduction to the mySAP ERP Solution
  • New Features of SAP ERP Central Component and SAPinst
Implementing Patches
  • Applying Patches
Converting Non-Unicode to Unicode
  • Procedure for Converting Non-Unicode to Unicode
Introduction to Software Logistics
  • SAP System Landscape
  • Client Concept
  • System and Client Change Options
Setting Up an SAP System Landscape
  • Setting Up the Transport Management System (TMS)
  • Extended Transport Control
Transport Management in ABAP
  • The Transport Process
  • Imports Using TMS
  • QA Approval Procedure and Transport Proposals
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Transport Directory Structure and Files
  • tp, the Transport Control Program
  • Import Process
  • Troubleshooting Transports
  • Cleaning Up the Transport Directory
Client Tools
  • Client Copy and Transport Tools
  • Client Compare and Maintenance Tools
Note Assistant, SAP Support Packages and Upgrades
  • SAP Note Assistant
  • SAP Support Packages
  • SAP System Upgrade