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SAP Financials (FICO)


5-6 Weekends *

Mode of Training

Class room

SAP Version

ECC 6.0

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System Access can also be arranged on request: 24/7, 6 Months
Content and Learning
SAP Overview
  • Introduction to SAP
  • Accounting basics to get on-board
  • Why to choose SAP
  • FICO Organizational structure
  • Getting familiar with SAP screens and navigation
FICO baseline configuration
  • Define Company, Company Code, Business areas
  • Define Fiscal year variant, Field status variant, Posting period variant    
  • Overview of all organizational units in Controlling and Logistics(SD, MM)
Master Data
  • General ledger master
  • Customer master
  • Vendor master
  • Bank master
  • Account groups
  • Chart of accounts
  • Reconciliation accounts
  • Cost element
  • Cost Centre
  • Profit Centre
Document and Posting Controls: (GL, AR & AP)
  • Journal entries, Incoming and outgoing payment postings
  • Credit memos
  • Cash journal and cash document postings
  • Cash discount 
  • Payment terms
  • Clearing open items (Manual and Automatic)
  • Special General Ledger transactions
  • Document changes, change control
  • Document reversal, resetting
  • Document types and number ranges
  • Foreign currency transactions and valuation
  • Posting Exchange rate differences
  • Posting Payment differences
  • Posting keys and field status groups
  • Posting periods
  • Tolerance groups and payment differences
Asset Accounting
  • Maintain Chart of depreciation (COD) and depreciation areas
  • Assign COD to company code
  • Account determination and asset class
  • Define depreciation keys and Depreciation methods
  • Create Screen Layout rules for asset master and depreciation areas
  • Create asset master and sub-asset master
  • Posting of Acquisitions, Disposals, Transfer and Scrapping of assets
  • Periodic depreciation posting
  • Define and assign Tax calculation procedure
  • Create tax codes and assign tax percentages
Other important topics
  • Automatic Payment program
  • Dunning- configure and execute Dunning run, print dunning notices
  • Financial statement version
  • Reporting
Closing Operations (period-end & Year-end)
  • Execute depreciation Run
  • Closing and opening periods, fiscal years
  • Define number ranges
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • GR/IR Clearing
  • Generate reports for Internal/External stakeholders
  • Drilldown reporting in Financial Accounting
  • Carry forward balances
New General Ledger Accounting
  • New GL activation and concepts
  • Document splitting, Inheritance and standard account assignment
  • New characteristics in FI
  • Leading and Non-leading ledgers
  • Real-time integration CO => FI
  • Segmental reporting
  • Scenarios and scenario assignment
SAP Controlling Overview
  • Cost & Revenue Element accounting
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Internal order Accounting
SAP Integration
  • SAP FI-SD integration
  • SAP FI-MM Integration