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SAP Sales & Distribution (SD)
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SAP Sales & Distribution (SD)


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Class room

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ECC 6.0

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Content and Learning
SD Module Overview
  • Processes in Sales and Distribution
  • SAP structure and SD Components: Overview
  • Sales Organization: Structure, contents, creation and assignment
  • Basics in SD: Transactions
  • Sales Document structure
  • Presales process: Steps to a complete Sales Document
Cross-Module Overview
  • Overview: Supply Chain Process and how SD fits
  • SD and FI (Finance): Relationship, integration points
  • SD and MM (Materials Management): Relationship, integration points
Sales Order Creation: Understanding business needs and system requirements
  • Sales Order processing from the SAP point of view
  • Sales Order generation: Background/invisible processes
  • Master Data
  • SD Document Flow: Exploring linkages
  • SD Document Changes and Blocks
Sales Document Types: Behaviour and control of Sales Documents
  • Objectives and importance
  • Function and process
  • Sales Document Types: Comparison
  • Controlling Sales Document Types
  • Customizing for sales process assignment to specific sales areas
Sales Document Type modification with Item Category
  • Overview: Item Category functionality
  • Item Category determination and customization
  • Item Category creation; linking to customized Sales Document Types
  • BOM : Bills of Materials in Sales Documents
Schedule Line Categories: Sales Document and Line Item Scheduling Control
  • Overview: Process and functions
  • Schedule line relationship with a Sales Document type and its categories
  • Creating and linking schedule line categories to Sales Document types
Detailed Document Flow
  • Document flow: Processes and statuses
  • Usage of Copy Control Sales Documents
Special Business Sales processes
  • Understanding Sales Order Types and corresponding follow-on processes
  • Understanding Output Types
  • Consignment
Incomplete Sales Documents
  • Incompletion Rule: Behaviour and impacts.
  • Customizing
  • Incompletion Log: Controlling
Business Partner determination in SD
  • Overview: What is it?
  • Partner functions in the sales process.
  • Customer Master and Account Group
  • Role of Partner function per Account Groups
  • Procedure: Partner determination
  • Customization
Outline Agreements
  • Understanding the purpose
  • Sales Document Types
  • Outline Agreement scheduling
  • Open Outline Agreements: Messages
  • Quantity contracts
  • Contract data activation
  • Dates in Contract Agreements
  • Rental contracts
  • Value contracts
  • Item Category customization in the Value contract
  • Partner release authorization
Material Determination
  • Material Inclusion and Material Exclusion
  • Creation of the Material Determination Master Record
  • Material Listing and Material Exclusion product selection
  • Determination Procedure
No-charge Goods Sales Process
  • Overview: Understanding the concept
  • Master Data
  • Calculation Rule
  • Conditions
  • Customizing